Jonathan Daniel Pryce for Form&Thread

Materials, Texture & Construction

Ahead of our winter drop of products, and as an introduction to Form&Thread, we’ve collaborated with Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@garconjon) to create a series of portrait and brutalist architectural images.

Before launching the brand we had three key words in mind that we wanted to define F&T products; materials, texture and construction. Socks are often simple products, so we decided to focus on the tactile element of them. It’s these same three words that are often used to describe brutalist architecture, so we decided to strip everything else away and pursue this in the imagery - contrasting the power and simplicity of socks on a nude, with the stark form of brutalist architecture.

We’ll be exhibiting the images at the F&T pop-up during November, where products will also be available to purchase. Sign up to the F&T Mailing List and follow @formandthread for details.

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Gallery 4r2a8807 24r2a8832

Peter, National Theatre 08:20, National Theatre 10:12

4r2a6454  finalLandscape 4r2a9719 final bb

Jimmy, Alexandra Road Estate 15:03

Carousel 4r2a5766  final
Gallery 4r2a9257 3Landscape  4r2a4333 2

Mads, Barbican 13:52, One Kemble Street 09:56

Landscape 4r2a9768aXtra 4r2a6339

Jimmy, Alexandra Road Estate 15:18

Carousel 4r2a5988  final
Landscape 4r2a9574 2aLandscape  4r2a9252 2 2

Josif, Barbican 14:27, Barbican 13:12